Creating Conditions for Positive Change   

When we talk about creating conditions, we mean shaping PEI’s environment to make sure it can support positive change that advances resiliency and improves mental well-being for all Islanders.

How are these conditions created?

First, we bring an evidence-based lens to our work. We stay up to date with the latest research, incorporate it into our practices, and share it with the community. 

We primarily rely on the science of resilience and continue to expand our knowledge based on best practices and new developments. Practical metaphors like the “Resilience Scale” (developed by the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative) help us show the connection between science and our daily lives.   

Source: Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

The scale demonstrates how negative experiences and adversity can be counterbalanced by three factors that develop and strengthen resilience. 

Supporting responsive relationships

Strengthening core
life skills

Reducing sources
of stress

Second, we bring people together for conversations that can lead to action.

Many groups across the province are helping Islanders strengthen their resilience and mental well-being. Even though they may be doing similar work, alignment between them may go unnoticed.  

To address this, one of our priorities is to build partnerships

Throughout the year, we create opportunities for formal and informal partnership building. We host events, organize training sessions, and make connections. These opportunities help people learn more about each other, extend their reach, and increase their impact. When these groups are connected, they can better direct Islanders to the services and resources that best match their needs. 

Third, we directly support the delivery of projects and initiatives across PEI that can improve mental well-being outcomes.

Since launching in late 2021, our Focusing Action for Positive Change Grant Program has funded over 40 projects and initiatives in local communities for people of diverse ages and backgrounds.