Peer Review Committee

The PEI Alliance for Mental Well-Being’s Peer Review Committee plays an important role in the Focusing Action for Positive Change Grant Program process. It ensures proposed projects fit within the Alliance’s mandate. Peer Reviewers are responsible for evaluating project applications against specific Grant Program criteria and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for funding approval.  

Peer Reviewers have expertise and experience relevant to the Grant Program’s objectives and actions areas. Reviewers represent the PEI community of applicants and are selected, in part, with an eye to their experience working with or representing diverse populations. Reviewers are also engaged and recruited from outside of the province to add additional expertise or to avoid conflict of interest.  

Peer Reviewers receive training and support to establish an understanding of the assessment criteria and the Alliance’s actions areas:  supporting responsive relationships, reducing sources of stress, and strengthening core life skills.   

Peer Review Committee Criteria

The PEI Alliance for Mental Well-Being welcomes applications from individuals interested in participating as Peer Reviewers for the Focusing Action for Positive Change Grant Program.  

Peer Reviewers carry out their important role by bringing some, or all of, the following qualifications and attributes to the Committee:  

  • Knowledge and experience relevant to the Alliance’s focus on mental well-being, resilience and/or collective impact approaches drawn from any context, including professional or community-based work, academic, lived experience, etc.;  
  • Knowledge and understanding of the PEI community, contexts and diverse population groups; 
  • Experience in Indigenous contexts;  
  • Experience in grant writing or review;  
  • Research and/or evaluation expertise; 
  • Capacity to maintain confidentiality, act in the absence of conflict of interest, and uphold fairness and transparency throughout the Grant application review process.  

The estimated time commitment of Peer Reviewers per granting cycle is between approximately 20 hours. This involves training on the Grant Program application process, evaluating (reading and rating) an average of 8 to 12 individual applications, discussing applications with other Reviewers, and debriefing.


The Alliance is currently accepting applications for our Peer Review Committee

Apply to join the Peer Review Committee

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating as a Peer Reviewer for the Alliance’s Grant Program, please review our Peer Review Committee criteria and contact the Program Officer to request an application.  


Information on our Grant Program

Those interested in participating in the peer review process are encouraged to learn more about the Alliance’s Grant Program, as well as mental well-being and resilience.